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Reliable Riverside Locksmith Service

Riverside Locksmith of American Locks & Keys provides  service that will never fail you.  We provide vehicle key, and keyless remote replacements.  We also do key duplicating, car unlocking, lock repair and installation, and door/ignition rekeying.

When you book services from our Riverside Locksmith, we guarantee you with the best service you can get.  We always get our job “Done right” at first time! In cases that there is a need things to be re-done, we make it sure that you will be taken care of!

The main office of your Riverside Locksmith is in Vista, CA but we have locksmiths in your local area always ready to provide you with convenient mobile service in times of trouble and need!  We always have someone ready to receive your call and ready to deploy your local locksmith!  We provide services to the southern areas of Riverside, CA and nearby cities.

Riverside Locksmith of American Locks & Keys gives you premium quality services that no one else can provide. It's low pricing, efficient, and approachable staff has always received commendations and referrals from clients. Next time you find yourself in car key troubles (auto or non-automatic), being locked-out, house key problems, or  even company building locks and keys issues… Do not even think, call  American Locks & Keys and you will have the ease of mind that you will have the best service at the most affordable price!

Locksmith Riverside, A Dependable Locksmith

Qualities of a Trustworthy Locksmith

A reliable locksmith should have a license in the state of California. License from Bureau of Security and Investigative Service is a requirement to get a locksmith business operational. Though a license is required in California, there are still licensed locksmiths out-there who takes advantage of their customers.  Not knowing the qualities of a good locksmith makes you vulnerable to scams, over pricing, and low quality of service.  Knowing the red flags will definitely help to prevent you to become a victim of predators in the locksmith market.  Knowing the qualities of honest locksmiths will be also an advantage for you in times of emergency.

Unless locksmith have met basic standards, that is the only the time you can start trusting someone. Check below the red flags and the qualities to look for:

Owns a Website

Most the businesses now a days already made themselves available in the internet, if they are not, you should be already thinking why they are not available online. Having a company’s information online should give you a warm and fussy feeling that you are in good hands. A good business will make sure to put an up-to-date information about them and their business so that people will not doubt their company’s integrity.  A website can give you a good outlook of how does a company do their business.

Customer Oriented

Emergencies in the locksmith business world is a usual on-going thing.  You should not feel extra pressured from them or else you probably dealing with a predator.

For your protection and safety, an honest locksmith will follow strict SOP which includes dispatch updates, I.D. checks, and official paperwork and receipt. If there is a willingness to cut corners this should give you a red flag.  Don’t deal with them!

Straight up Pricing

Locksmiths who will price you with clear and straight-up prices is a sign of integrity.  You should not see a late fee mark-up on the charges.

A consistent and clear from cradle to the grave is a sign you are dealing with a good locksmith. Don’t pay for surprise fees or emergency mark-ups, and double check the pricing from dispatcher to actual locksmith service provider before you let them start the work.

Takes care of its Branding

A company who takes care of their branding will make sure that their vehicles have a consistent logo.  Make sure to inspect the logos of the shirt of the locksmith who will be working that is the same with the company brand online logo, vehicles, uniform and on their forms.  Good locksmiths usually take pride on their branding.

Professional and Composed

Someone’s composure is a usual sign of professionalism. Do not accept substandard, sluggish, or impolite treatment and work from a locksmith. Be sensitive on these characteristics.  Once you see one of these signs, call someone else! You do not need to stick with them, there are a lot of locksmiths out there!


There is a scenario in our life that we don't really expect. Something like this is being locked out of the house which can be considered an emergency.

When you don't have a key with you, one option for this is to find a duplicate copy of it – it could be a family member or there could be no duplicate at all. It can be called an issue, right?

When you have a key but it doesn't work, it's jammed or stuck inside the lock, your only option is to break the door – but you don't know how much damage it can do. In the end, you will think that you should not continue, so you will not do as the professionals tell you. This is because this situation is a bigger issue when it happens.

It's not a joke to be tied up and left outside the house. Even if you have food to buy, clothes to change, blankets to protect against the cold and so on, it's still a big issue. It's still a different feeling to be inside your own home. Because protection is a big thing, comfortability is something that Locksmith Riverside always considers.


It's really confusing when there's a problem with the key and lock. It's good that Riverside Locksmith is committed to this because our priority is to solve any problem related to our service.

We are complete with materials enhanced by modern technology. Our workers are solid and skilled because we are experienced in this work and are certified.

We are approachable and reliable any time. We are ready to deliver our service in the vicinity of California even if you are in the middle of the road.

Remember that a problem with any type of lock is an emergency.

It is also a big help that in addition to the emergency hotlines regularly listed on your smart phones you should also have the number of a locksmith service that you can trust – such as Riverside Locksmith. Just call us.


When you have trouble opening any type of lock, it's really a big hassle. You will almost run out of energy thinking about where the key was left or misplaced. It also raises questions about how it was lost from your care and when it happened. It's even scarier when you think about it. 


– Door of the house

– Office door

– Doors of establishments or commercial establishments

– Car door or any vehicle

– Drawer or cabinet

– and others


– Door that won't close or won't close properly

– Lock that is sticky or sticky inside

– Lock that only rotates inside but does not open

– Could not enter the key

– The key inside the lock is damaged, broken or cannot be removed

– Broken door knob

The above issues are common problems that can be solved in a simple and quality way. A problem like this is too small for Riverside Locksmith.

You also have the option to choose the type of lock by style, shape, material and price. Depending on the locks and services you want, or your budget, we will deliver high quality. 


– Padlock that usually has a u-shaped shackle. It can have a key or combination of numbers to open or close

– Knob lock commonly found in houses, rounded and slightly turned to close or open

– Chain locks as additional protection. It can also be placed on some vehicles such as motorbikes

– Handle sets with handles and buttons that don't need to be turned around to close or open

– Digital type that can be used with a password or fingerprint. It can also be called a keyless lock and can have an auto lock feature that closes after a few seconds

– Deadbolt that can be single or double cylinder fits any type of door. It also includes the so-called Jimmy-proof deadbolt

– Dummy knob which is a type of lock for decorative purposes that only needs to be pushed to close or pushed to open

– Lever handle lock with modern style suitable for residential and commercial applications

The above can be asked of us at Riverside Locksmith. Let's remember that the lock also depends on the type of door you have – wooden, steel and so on.



In this day and age where everyone wants to make money even if it is unfair, it is a good idea to be critical of the services of real locksmiths in your area.

When in Riverside, your trusted Riverside locksmith by American Locks & Keys is always here for you.

It is our priority to keep your money, jewelry, documents and other belongings as safe as you are. To avoid locksmith scammers, first check if they are certified. Get an ID before starting the service. As far as possible, they must be complete with the document and do not just send in the uniform worn by the workers that can be seen online or if they are in front of you. You can search online for this.

It is also important that you are clear about the price of the product and service to be purchased from them.

It is also necessary based on what was discussed that nothing should be damaged in the repair of the lock. An example of this is if it is said that the entire door needs to be replaced, which may not be the case.


Riverside Locksmith is ready at any time to give tips or pieces of advice on how to preserve and extend the life of your locks. This is because we should not just depend on the price or quality of any type of locks. It also needs to be based on how it will be kept by other members of the household or anyone who has access to the lock.

It is important to change your lock regularly.

Regular lock replacement is required and this is still true if your lock is really broken – whether it's at home, commercial establishment or vehicle. There is also a chance that even before the lock, we doubt or just don't get complacent because others are still careful.

An example of this is if you are renting a new apartment – ??whether it is a room or a whole house. It is important to check the lock and key carefully. It's not okay or working, the key is that you should relax. As experts like Riverside Locksmith advise, it's a good idea to replace the lock and key you find. We are not sure if the person who owns the house has another key – or if the duplicate keys could be stolen from him as well.

Don't be too relaxed because maybe the lock and key that your house has is of a weak class – just poking a wire will open it right away. These locks can be on the main gate, front and back doors, or garage doors.

We Are Here To Help!

Riverside Locksmith is a great help here, which can be accessible to you at any time. In this way you will be safe even until you fall asleep.

We should especially consider changing the lock and key when you have new people in the house – such as roommates or board mates. Don't just trust anyone. Remember the saying “Don't always trust what you see” has meaning. Even salt looks like sugar.”

Also be more alert when you lose your wallet, or any type of bag that contains important items such as keys. If you lost your valid IDs along with your home address along with the key then you should be nervous. Reduce the fear of asking for help to change your home lock.


Some of the things mentioned above can also be applied to office locks, or in situations where cars are locked inside or the key is left in and you can't get in. This can also happen in commercial establishments and other places where locks are used.

When it comes to broken car lock remote, we are also experienced for this and we will not let you down.

We strongly advise against trying to fix or do-it-yourself a broken lock because there is a high chance that the problem will get worse.

Rest assured that Riverside Locksmith will come to your rescue immediately because their mobile locksmith services are ready even if you get stuck on any street in California at any time. Just call us and provide full details of your identity and the specific lock problem you are facing.

Let's also remember that having a good lock will be a good way to lower the insurance premiums you have related to this type of problem. In this way, the number of issues to be faced is reduced. Our workers are serious about their work and have a solid commitment to each customer to the highest standard. This is a standard that we keep that we will carry over time to make our customers happy and reassured.


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