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Did you lock yourself out? Are your keys broken? Need to overhaul your lock security? If you are in need of a trust worthy Escondido Locksmith, American Locks & Keys is the one you are looking for.  We are open 24 hours a day to take care of your emergency locksmith needs! Call us at 760-758-3398 for a free quote!

When it comes to reliability, American Locks & Keys is the answer for your security needs. No matter what is your key and locks issues, American Locks & Keys is always ready to deploy to supply your emergency and locksmith service needs.

Making you safe and happy is what American Locks & Keys live for.  Escondido Locksmith caters the whole Escondido and provide a full-array of locksmith services so we can be your one-stop shop for your locksmith needs. In any case you are in, you may need to unlock your access door, need key replacements or replace lost keys, trunk car opening, programming chip keys, replacement of key ignition or do key cuttings for house and office.

Also available are services for trunk opening, and car key programming or ignition replacement. Call (760) 573-8550 and a locksmith technician will be there in just 30 minutes, or less!

24 hour Services

Locksmiths understand that our services are usually needed during the time you do not expect the most.  That is why most of us are open 24 hours a day.  the following service are available in Escondido Locksmith:

  • Home, Commercial, and Car
  • Emergency Services
  • Digital locks
  • Key replacement
  • Door locks and keys replacements
  • Card Readers.
  • Car Opening (door picking)
  • Door unlocking
  • Vehicle unlocking
  • Biometric locks
  • Mechanical push button locks
  • Rekeying
  • Lock for Garages
  • Commercial lock security
  • Replacement of Ignition keys
  • Trunk opening
  • Key reprogramming
  • Opening of residential or commercial doors


We offer a variety of locksmith services

Nowadays when almost all of us work outside the home we are also faced with various concerns such as how the house will be safe when we leave. It also becomes part of our worry-some whether the lock we have in our homes is reliable or safe.

That is a huge deal because safety is something that you do not want to compromise, especially in homes without fences or gates – even if there are, bad guys can still find their way into the house.

It also becomes an additional issue if there is a defect in the locks, and especially if you cannot fix it especially if we do not have enough knowledge for it.

In this situation, we have a reliable partner to protect the house and maintain anything related to the lock and your security. For this, Escondido Locksmith of American Locks & Keys is ready to provide you with quality and full service any time or day in the city of Escondido, CA.

With Locksmith Escondido's expert services, our people are proven to be trust-worthy. Our technicians are all dependable and can solve any locksmithing problems that may arise.

In addition, we are also approachable to make it easier for you to share your problem or suggestion regarding the lock.


Also, our services are not just for your home. Our committed locksmiths also cater offices, various facilities in small or large types of businesses such as commercial establishments in the city of Escondido.

Our group is ready for the various locksmith services you will need.

We are also experts in providing quality locksmith services to all types of vehicles and we can be easily reached even if you are on the streets. We are always ready to help with your needs.

Our experience and expertise will provide you with satisfaction to the service you need. Our mobile service vehicles are also ready for you to be able to go and respond immediately.

And because it is also part of Locksmith Escondido's job to provide a solution to the problem of how to open the locks in your home, office, car, luggage, and many others, you can expect us to treat this as an emergency situation and we will immediately accompany and respond to you.


We can never tell when and where we will have problems with different types of locks – be it door locks, windows, access control systems, vehicles, vaults and many others. This kind of issue can be solved by our team without having to wait for too long.

The professionalism of each of us is proven reliable. Check our Google reviews for reference. Each of our services is at a reasonable cost that you can trust from installation, upgrade, repair, and replacement to the correct way of disposing of broken and unusable items with a lock.

Apart from being easy on the pocket, paying for each service also has different ways to pay for it that depends on your convenience, so it is sure to be a stress-free experience.

For security solutions, Escondido Locksmith is there for you each time you need us. Easy to approach, trustworthy, and reliable.

Become part of our growing client base. We can always serve you wherever you are.


Are you tired of the hassles provided by other locksmith services that you don't deserve?

With the service that Escondido Locksmith brings you, we make sure you get the most for every penny you pay. You can be sure because our team is all certified so they are definitely reliable and trustworthy.

We are available throughout the city of Escondido, CA.


Expect efficiency from our  mobile locksmith.

Our mobile team at Escondido Locksmith is ready to help and get to you even if you are stuck in traffic or on the road and have a breakdown due to being trapped inside any type or model of vehicle, the vehicle-lock not working properly, a broken key or your compartment cannot be opened. You can contact us for all those problems.

In American Locks & Keys, we can replace your car keys in the event it gets broken.

Whatever problems you may have along the way, we are ready to help.

The services we provide:

– Opening

– Repair

– Mobile door lock and unlock replacement

– Key replacement

– Key duplication / fabrication

– Change combination / car key reprogramming

– Ignition key not working

– Car remotes


An additional service that we are proud of is to meet your other problems such as road assistance related to those mentioned above.

At Escondido Locksmith of American Locks & Keys, we won't waste your time. We will respond immediately and remove your stress related to the lock issue.


Since many people experience and cannot avoid being stuck by the car door, it is also not right to solve it by yourself. It needs to be done by trained people so that your problem or issue with the car does not get worse. Our team is skilled from the old to the latest locksmith technology.


We have also studied the repair of a broken lock so well that if we can save it without damaging some parts of your car, we will do it properly.

Mobile door lock and unlock replacement

You as our customer also have the option of what kind of lock replacement you want for your car. Choose from our designs or your suggestions.

Key replacement

In case your key is damaged, if it is broken for example, we can replace it immediately without having to wait for a long time.

Key duplication / Fabrication

Our customer has the option of having the key copied from its original type and modified based on its possible fabrication.

Change combination / car key reprogramming

If you are having trouble changing or reprogramming your car key, you can call us. Its configuration will be based on the model of your car and your desire.

Ignition key not working

Don't just experiment or do it without enough knowledge to avoid bigger problems. This problem usually occurs if the key is old or defective. Whatever the problem, let us help you.

Car remotes

The remote has a problem when it doesn't work properly. This is possibly due to internal damage. If your car dealership is uncontactable or expensive to service, you can make Escondido Locksmith your best option.

Because we are mobile, we are on the move to help you on the road. We can reach you quickly without any hassle at an affordable cost.

No matter what trouble comes down the road when it comes to lock issues, Escondido Locksmith is the one you can count on. 

Locked doors, cabinets?


Have you ever been locked out and left the key inside the house?

It's also a hassle not being able to open your cabinet because of its defective lock.

The above could potentially lead to an emergency situation, right? In this situation Locksmith Escondido can be counted on.

At Escondido Locksmith, various services are available such as opening the door of your house without the need to break it.


What can be closed unexpectedly inside the house or office and even in another establishment or building that will cause you fear or problems?


A common problem at home is the door that suddenly closes and cannot be opened. It's scary especially when there's an emergency and the door need to be opened.

Door jamming

Jamming can happen if dirt gets into it and builds up in its internal mechanism eventually.  It is also a bigger problem if the person who is locked out is a minor or just an infant, or a senior citizen who is already weak, or the disabled. They know very well the right thing to do in this problem. Seeking the help of a professional like Locksmith Escondido is a big deal.

The door being closed or locked can also be due to misalignment of the lock or misaligned strike plates. It can be very helpful to ask a lock expert for guidance and to advise you on the correct steps to take for this problem.

Broken Key

The sudden closing of the door may also be due to a broken key inside it. It is also not an option to remove the damaged key piece from the inside as it may further damage the door lock.

Any door lock problem should not be ignored or prolonged. Even if it's small and if the problem is obvious, take action so that it doesn't become a hassle.

When the door lock is broken and not repaired immediately, it will be a good opportunity for thieves to break into you.

One of the problems that we can help you with, is when the door lock is entered with the key, and the key just turns round and round. In American Locks & Keys, we will fix this for you!


We fix locked cabinets that cannot be opened with your key.

Don't even try to open a locked cabinet or drawer, you will definitely have limited options and might just end up breaking your furniture. In this, you need to know the configuration of your cabinet or drawer. You also need to know the type of lock used. It is may also injure or harm you if it there is anything pointed or sharp metals that you are not aware of.

It is also risky to insert straightened paper clips (bobby pins, or knives) in what is thought to be the correct unlock position to fiddle with the cabinet or drawer key. Maybe in the twist it will break and leave a part of the clip inside and the problem becomes worse.

Picking the lock by yourself with no experience may damage other parts of the cabinet or drawer door, especially if force is used.

Again, with the problems mentioned above due to being locked out, you need to be aware (even before this situation occurs) that the expertise of a residential or commercial locksmith is necessary. Locks should not be tampered with, especially digital or electronic ones. The problem should not be complicated any more, calling American Locks & Keys is sure to come to your rescue.

Call us now and inquire about your concerns.

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Eric Gerber
January 19, 2024

Quick and friendly!

Jed E.
January 1, 2024

These guys are great. They always go out of their way to help. They have a physical location so they are not just mobile. They are in the office and will stay to help you. I give them high marks on customer service and support!

Trevor Lindner
December 19, 2023

I had a great experience with American Locks and Keys for both a door lock and a car issue. They were very responsive, extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and made sure I got quality products. They certainly gained my trust throughout the process and I would highly recommend their services.

Catalina I.
December 6, 2023

Needed some keys for my Chevrolet Silverado they were there at the time scheduled. Very reliable. Everything work out great.

Erin D.
September 10, 2023

I needed a new key fob programmed for my Chevy Tahoe. Bought one on Amazon and couldn't figure it out. Called this company on a Sunday and within 45 minutes...

Joseph Serrin
July 25, 2023

Great customer service

Cecilia Martinez
May 2, 2023

Best of the best

Dawn O.
February 10, 2023

I have a difficult key to make, Mitsubishi. David was there pronto. Took 2-3 adjustments, BAM! My old baby started up!! These guys are great!! How great?...

Luis Bouza
August 18, 2022

Joe, and his team are very professional, curious, and respectful. My parents home needed door locks, change of deadbolt, and re-keys locks to make managing all of the doors with one set of keys. American lock and key made it all happen in a few hours, tested and improved the working function of some old doors in the process. I highly recommend them.

Martha Lopez
June 11, 2022

Thank you Joe for your dedicated service. We have relied on American locks & keys for years. Friendly and kind staff. Joe took his time to make sure my locks were re-key, added lubricant, and made sure they were working properly.

Charlie Happy
May 19, 2022

First off it was already the worst day of my life. Car packed the gills after my bf dumped me. Had to work from 6 am to now ..5:30 I’m at my last work visit and what do I do? Lock my car keys inside. I called this company and literally before I could Even worry they showed up. I swear they showed up faster than the police would! He was so friendly and sweet and helped open immediately. I didn’t have all the proof they needed but he insured me how easy it would be to clear. One phone call and me and my car keys are together again! I’m so grateful!!

Danny Ly
January 1, 2022

Great service for an affordable price compared to other companies! If you need service, I highly recommend this company! Joe worked quickly and got my car unlocked in a timely manner.

Martin Juarez
July 28, 2021

Had a great experience today had to get a key fob cut and Danny was able to help me great guy great service over all great place definitely recommend going their was in and out in 6 minutes super fast thanks again!

Lomba Mtango
February 25, 2021

On time, professional good job

Katarina Tipton
October 15, 2020

What a kind gentleman! I was able to get everything immediately same day! Excellent service, and workmanship. I would recommend things place to anyone.

Jenn B.
September 2, 2020

The team was professional responsive and much more affordable and easy to use. They came to our house! using the dealership I would have paid twice the price and had to get my car there. THANK YOU!!!

Anthony Carlos
March 9, 2020

Very friendly service. Quick and easy. They were able to unlock in minutes. What a relief. Thank you thank you thank you !!!

Levi Miller
February 11, 2020

I locked my keys in my work truck, I called and I was told a locksmith would arrive 40 mins or less. He got here in 20 . Super nice guy, opened up my truck in 1 min. Total cost was $65, and they accepted my credit card. 5 stars guys. Thank you

Cecelia Brown
October 27, 2019

Great service. I had a key made for my Ford Explorer. They ordered it for me when I called and asked if they carried the key and had it ready the next day. Appreciated the fast and efficient service.

Tom Knudsen
October 26, 2019
Lauri Jijon
October 26, 2019

Fantastic! They have great prices and great customer service. They go above and beyond to help their customers. Highly recommended.

Linda Ramsay
October 15, 2019

30 yrs in business, very amiable, quality service, nice hardworking ,family run business. I recommend calling first and make an appointment for the best experience and to be sure they have your key blank in stock.

Erik Acheff
October 15, 2019

Joe and American Lock and Key are the hardest working locksmith’s. They are honest and their prices are fair. Used them multiple times. They even handle SDG&E accessible locks for utility rooms. Highly recommend.

Lyn Montgomery
October 15, 2019

They were great fixing my key on large truck . Stayed after hours to help me

Everett Quivey
October 12, 2019

Great service. American came to my driveway to add a second key fob to my used Prius, a job the (Irving TX) Toyota dealership couldn't complete. The locksmith was fast and friendly. I got a new fob at home for $200 under dealer quote.

jon ramirez
October 11, 2019

Always great service and honest work is what I like about this place. Would be nice if shop hours had more availability though.

Fred fehlers24@sbcglobal.net
October 11, 2019

We have used American Locks & Keys multiple times. Their service is fast, quality of the work is great and the prices are fair. Highly recommend!

Marc Boogay
October 11, 2019

service was polite, timely, and reasonable in cost

Angela Young
October 11, 2019

WE had our entire home rekeyed and a new front door lock and handle combo put on. The work was done quickly, efficiently, respectfully, and at a very fair and reasonable price. Availability was awesome too. Thank you! What more can you ask for? Enough Said.

Samantha Bull
July 27, 2019

Great costumer service and were quick to show up!

Wild Bill Wiederhold
January 26, 2019

Quick and friendly service along with good prices.

November 29, 2018

Quick and friendly service. Definitely! My go to professionals. Thanks

September 28, 2018
Lisa De Jesus
August 14, 2018

Joe came to the house we had just bought, and moved into, to give us an estimate on replacing the door locks. We have five doors that needed to be changed/rekeyed. I had been given a quote by another local locksmith for $3200! He said I would need new doors and what not. And maybe that would’ve been ideal. But Joe came to give his estimate and re-keyed the entire house and spent four hours on the front door which had an old brass fixture. It was like a grandfather clock! He even called in his brother, I believe, to assist. He wasn’t going to leave until it was right. And he fixed it perfectly. The final bill? $310. Not only was he efficient and reasonably priced, he’s a very likable man. Thank you so much Joe.

Gordon Chavez
June 16, 2018

American locks and keys is a local, family-owned business. They have great customer service and do a great job. They definitely know their work. I highly recommend them!

Michael Barr
April 12, 2018
Jonathan ML
March 30, 2018
Joan Michael
March 22, 2018

Excellent service.very professional and honest.

Brittany Martinez
February 7, 2018

Great price and great customer service. Called around to other locksmiths and they were asking twice of what this place quoted me. I also liked the fact that they gave me a price and there were no hidden fees. Thanks guys!!! Would definatley reccomend to a friend :)

Glib Maksymenko
October 14, 2017

My coworker created the MyKey setting on our Ford 150 work truck, which made all kind of restrictions on the vehicle. Limiting the speed and volume on the radio to name the few. To take off the setting we had to get another key. Every Ford dealer in town wanted to charge us over $300.00 and appointment was not available for the next weeks. These guys got it done on the spot at the fraction of the price. I wish every business to be as efficient and knowledgeable as these gentlemen.

Caitlin Fay
August 2, 2017

Great service. Nice. Fast. Affordable! Will use again if I need to be saved again haha 100% recommend

Pamala Cooper
June 23, 2017

I was extremely pleased with the service and customer service that I received from Joe, Tony, and David. I called yesterday explained what I needed and Joe personally took care of me all the way down to calling the shop in advance of my arrival so they would be expecting me. Fixed the problem above and beyond what I had expected and was reasonably priced. As a female sometimes we can be clueless when it comes to cars and I appreciate the fact that none of these men tried to take advantage of my ignorance concerning my vehicle. Thank you so much for taking care of me and lifting the burden of not being able to lock my car before today. Highly highly recommend.

Anthony Jurado
March 23, 2017

made me a key quick and cheap! will use again in the future

Fast and reliable service in a very cordial customer service, five Star without hesitation!

Bill Kellaway
March 2, 2017
Dalia Gonzalez
December 7, 2016

They told me the price up front, didn't charge a penny more and they showed up faster than their expected wait time. I don't know what I would've done without them!

Carlos Mata
July 21, 2016

David helped me with a key when I needed it the most. I was short a few bucks and he graciously said not to worry about it! I went back and paid him same day. Trustworthy as all heck!

W Elton
June 8, 2016

These guys know what they're doing. I could've saved even more money on re-keying an old car if I had come to them first before buying new iginition and locks. All other shops said it couldn't be done.

Debbie Walker
June 8, 2016

Great service! Highly recommend for any key services. Joe has a wonderful personality, which in times of stress sure makes it even better!!

Jack Dausman
October 21, 2015

Everyone needs a good dentist, a reliable accountant and in this complicated world, a trusted locksmith. Joe Kisaka has been very helpful, and instructive on solving the problem of too many old locks on a house needing refurbishing. In addition, when locked out on a weekend morning, he was still able to resolve my situation and I made it to church on time. I appreciate his professionalism.